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The secret life of air compressors

It doesn’t matter if you’re working in a mine site in the Pilbara, a building or construction site in the metropolitan area or fixing roads anywhere across the State, when you need to get the job done, fast and efficiently, you need access to a reliable power supply that works as hard as you do. Industrial Air Compressors are probably the most versatile piece of equipment you can get your hands on, they’re used in a wide range of industries, for thousands of different applications.

Keeping industry working

Industrial air compressors are working hard behind the scenes in the Automotive, Manufacturing, Electronics, Food and Beverage, Hospitals and Medical, Mining, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Power Generation, Wood Product industries – the list is endless.  Whether it’s drilling for oil and gas samples in remote Australia, tightening up the wheel nuts on a truck or car or dehydrating fruit for healthy snacks, the one thing all of these industries have in common is they all use compressed air to get the task done.

Life or death situations

If you were asked to name a workplace that require a sterile environment, you would probably think of hospitals, clinics or the medical sectors in general.  Hospitals require integrated, stable sources of compressed air for medical breathing and surgical air applications.  Air quality is paramount in these situations so It must be certified medical air quality and free from ambient air or environmental pollution and is generated by a specialist industrial strength air compression unit.

Keeping it clean

Interestingly, the electronic industry and many manufacturing processes also require an environment where the potential for contamination is eliminated.  Governed by strict industry standards, the electronics manufacturing industry must have a sterile environment in which to produce their products.  To comply compressed air must be free of oil contamination in liquid, aerosol or vapor forms.

Food for thought

The food production industry relies heavily on clean compressed air to produce everyday items that we take for granted.  This industry also sets very high standards to reduce possible contamination of the product.  Compressors assist with the dehydration process, bottling, actuators and controls, spraying coatings, conveying, cleaning and vacuum packing.

Quality textiles

The weavers and spinners in the textile industry bring together the elements of raw materials, design and innovative technology to create beautiful fabrics, in a range of sophisticated colours and patterns.  Creating top quality textiles requires oil-free compressed air power to drive the looms, agitate liquids during the dying process and spin yarns as sine as silk and soft as mohair or strong enough to make carpets.

Adaptable air

Whether you’re spray paint a ceiling, powder-coating a fencing panel or sandblasting an enormous piece of industrial machinery, chances are you will be using an industrial strength air compressor. The majority of air compressors are either reciprocating piston or rotary screw designs.  Units range from a small tank which deliver enough pressure to pump up your bike or car tyres to specialised power units capable of supplying enough pressurised air to run a heavy manufacturing plant and everything in between.

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