375cfm Trailer Mounted Air Compressor

When you need an air compressor that’s both rugged and reliable, our fleet of 375cfm trailer mounted, Atlas compressors tick all the boxes. Satisfying the same market as the 185cfm, this Atlas Copco Compressor offers greater flexibility and air flow.  With 2” outlets fitted as standard, it can work all day delivering super reliable flow rates of up to 177l/sec.

Why choose Atlas Copco Compressors?

Customers love these portable workhorses. The 375cfm features Atlas Copco’s new C111 technology designed to deliver improved compression efficiency, making it the number one choice for demanding applications, including sandblasting and plumbing. Trailer mounted and ready to work, these units are already out there on sites across Australia. They’re rugged enough to cope with the challenges set by harsh conditions in the construction, mining, oil & gas and industrial sectors.

Technical spec’s

  • Designed with reliability in mind, the 375cfm Atlas Copco Compressor is the ultimate in portable air compression with the capacity to consistently deliver flow rates of up to 177l/sec.
  • Powered by a super reliable John Deere engine, the practical 375cfm is quiet to operate and Tier 3 exhaust emission compliant.
  • Intended to operate at both ends of the climate spectrum, the 375cfm can cope equally well with cold starts or the hot dusty conditions found on sites across outback
  • This model of Atlas Copco Compressor has a water-cooled engine and large capacity oil cooling system. It’s fitted with high efficiency, two-stage intake, heavy-duty filters that have cartridge replacement indicators ensuring the unit operates at maximum efficiency.
  • It’s highly efficient oil extraction system means the unit’s oil consumption is low and its large capacity (144 litres) fuel tank means it can keep working for longer periods.
  • Designed with practicality in mind, the fuel tank is located low for ultimate road handling and stability. The placement also provides for easy filling.
  • The Atlas 375cfm has few moving parts, reducing mechanical wear to a minimum. Its gull-wing doors offer easy access to both the engine and its components for standard maintenance.

Practicality and performance

We believe the 375cfm Atlas Copco Compressor is hard to beat which is why we invested in a fleet of the best portable compressed air machines in the world. The combination of performance, reliability, economy and convenience has resulted in an innovative range of single axle high capacity air compressors used in a variety of industries.

Get in touch

We’re a proudly Australian owned and operated company, based in the heart of the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia. Our experienced Compressed Air Hire Team are across all the benefits of Atlas Copco Compressors, give us a call to discuss our short, medium or long-term hire options for your project.

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