Air Hoses and Accessories

We invested in our fleet of Atlas Air Compressors for their reliability, durability and the inbuilt technology which is designed to deliver improved compression efficiency. In order to offer a complete service, we also carry a comprehensive range of quality hoses and accessories that are designed to stand up to the rigors of construction, mine or industrial sites Australia wide.

Minsup Claw couplings

For quick, safe and reliable connections, we recommend universal hose couplings. These couplings are designed with common or claw fittings to accommodate different hose sizes to be connected securely. These fittings are suitable for air or water, however they are not recommended for steam applications.

A type – European pattern

Available in a range of finishes, this product is available in 3/8”to 1 ¼ “ With a choice of natural rubber seals which can operate in temperatures from -29c to 71c or a FKM seal which can operate from -30c to 200c offering reliability and flexibility.

Surelock – Australian pattern

Where speed, easy assembly and safety are paramount, the superior quality of Surelock coupling can be relied on. Surelock couplings are simple, reliable and provide an airtight connection. Choose from natural rubber, FKM or Nitrile seals and in a range of hose sizes.

Air King – American pattern

For water or air only, these couplings are available in a range of durable finishes, and a size range of 3/8” to 1” hose size. We carry a range of seal options all rated to difference specifications. Supplied with compatible locking pins.

Locking pins

Designed to ensure claw couplings are securely locked into place, and cannot become accidently disconnected and pose a safety risk.

Air hoses

Available in a range of diameters our high-grade hoses can safely operate in a range of temperatures and can accommodate different pressures, talk to our staff to locate the right product for your application.

For ultimate customer service

Talk to one of the knowledgeable Compressed Air Hire team about our short, medium or long-term mobile compressed air hire solutions and the range of accessories we carry in stock. Whatever your project, we will work with you to identify the right equipment to complete the job safely and efficiently.



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