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We have two types of mobile diesel powered units available:

Trailer Mounted Air Compressors

Trailer-mounted air compressors are essential for a range of industries, from construction and mining to oil and gas. At Compressed Air Hire, we offer a variety of high-quality air compressors for hire, including the Atlas Copco Trailer Mounted Air Compressors. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using Atlas Copco air compressors and why they are a great choice for your next project.

Reliability and Efficiency

Atlas Copco is a well-respected brand in the air compressor industry, known for producing reliable and efficient products. Their trailer-mounted air compressors are no exception. These compressors are designed to deliver optimal performance in any situation, with high levels of air delivery and pressure. Whether you need a compressor for heavy-duty drilling or sandblasting, Atlas Copco Trailer Mounted Air Compressors can handle the job.

Mobility and Convenience

One of the biggest advantages of a trailer-mounted air compressor is its mobility. Unlike stationary compressors, trailer-mounted models can be easily transported to different job sites, allowing for greater flexibility and convenience. Atlas Copco’s trailer-mounted compressors are designed for ease of use and transportation, with features such as a lightweight chassis, sturdy wheels, and a tow bar for easy hitching.

Range of Options

Atlas Copco offers a range of trailer-mounted air compressors to suit different needs and budgets. Compressed Air Hire’s available models range from 180 cfm to 375 cfm, providing a variety of air delivery options for different applications. Whether you need a smaller compressor for basic tools or a larger one for heavy-duty work, there’s an Atlas Copco Trailer Mounted Air Compressor that will meet your needs.

Maintenance and Support

At Compressed Air Hire, we understand that downtime can be costly for businesses. That’s why we offer regular maintenance and support services for our Atlas Copco air compressors. Our team of experienced technicians can help keep your compressor running smoothly, minimizing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

In conclusion, Atlas Copco Trailer Mounted Air Compressors are a reliable, efficient, and convenient choice for any industry that requires compressed air. With a range of options to choose from and the backing of Compressed Air Hire’s maintenance and support services, you can be confident in the performance of your air compressor on your next project.

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