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How Does an Air Compressor Work?

Tradespeople all over the world love their air powered tools because they’re efficient, lightweight and quieter to operate. These benefits come from operating from a central power source which means that each tool doesn’t need its own bulky motor or power source. Let’s have a look at compressed air and how it works.

The technology

Air compression as a power source dates back many thousands of years. It started with the humble bellows used to fan the flames of a furnace, then in 1762, British engineer John Smeaton designed a blowing cylinder driven by a water wheel which slowly replaced the bellows. Over time, mechanical air compressors improved and became more sophisticated and were commonly used in many types of industrial and commercial businesses as a central power source. The technology behind air compression is actually quite simple. Compressors, as the name suggests, operate on a simple principle. When air is compressed, the volume decreases and the pressure increases. Compressed air is a form of stored power, captured in a tank which is connected to a variety of tools by an air-line. For safety, the pressure within the tank is regulated by valves. Outputs are measured in two main ways, PSI (pounds per square inch) and deliverable CFM (cubic feet per minute). These measurements determine how efficiently the air compressor will operate in different situations. The most common type of air compressors used today is powered by 3 phase electricity or diesel.

Horses for courses

If you’re operating a workshop, factory or assembly line on the grid, it’s probable that your compressor or powerplant will be powered by electricity. In commercial terms, it’s relatively cheap and extremely reliable. Having a central power source means that hand tools are lighter and much quieter to operate as the drive shafts and belts are replaced by small bore airlines which bring the power directly to where it’s needed. When there is no reliable source of electricity available, a diesel air compressor is a popular go-to solution. Durable and reliable, with a reputation for being as tough as the environments they operate in, a diesel air compressor is highly prized power source with a range of models suitable for every application. On construction sites or mine sites in regional or remote Australia, diesel air compressors support technicians to get the job done.

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With a range of configurations and options, we offer air compressor solutions which are designed for continuous use on or off the grid. As a proudly Australian owned and operated company based in Western Australia, we are a solutions based company committed to delivering optimised hire options for mobile air compressor units. Talk to one of our experienced Compressed Air Hire team and find out about our short, medium or long-term mobile compressed air hire options for your project.

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