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We have two types of mobile diesel powered units available:

The Air Compressor – possibly the most useful piece of equipment you can get your hands on

From inflating tyres to tightening the wheel nuts, cutting, grinding, polishing, painting or sanding, every auto workshop worth its salt has an air compressor as part of its standard equipment. But there are many other uses for an air compressor. In the construction industry they power nail guns and sanders. In manufacturing, drills, impact wrenches and staplers often run on air. Air compressors run the spray guns used by panel and paint shops, and these days painter and decorators often use spray guns powered by compressed air to paint the interiors of new homes.

Why choose air?

The big advantage of air power is efficiency. Each tool doesn’t need its own bulky motor or power source. Having a central power source means that tools are lighter and much quieter to operate. Air compressors come in all shapes and sizes, from something small enough to fit in your glove box and run off a car battery to a fixed system run off three phase or to a fully transportable truck mounted diesel air compressor. Each type has its own pros and cons but in the construction, mining or industrial sectors, a transportable diesel air compressor is predominantly the tool of choice.

How they work

The technology behind air compression is relatively straight forward. Compressors, as the name suggests, operate on a simple principle. When air gets compressed, the volume goes down and the pressure goes up. Compressed air is a form of power. It’s stored in a tank which is connected to a variety of tools by an air-line. For safety, the pressure within the tank is regulated by valves. Air compressor outputs are measured in two main ways, PSI (pounds per square inch) and deliverable CFM (cubic feet per minute). These measurements determine how efficiently the air compressor will operate in different situations.

Diesel Air Compressors

When there is no reliable source of electricity available, a diesel air compressor is the go-to solution. With a reputation for being as tough as the environments they operate in, a diesel air compressor is durable, reliable and there’s a model suitable for every application. On construction sites or mine sites in regional or remote Australia, a diesel air compressor supports trade and technical operators to get the job done. With capacities that vary from 100 to 1600 cfm and a pressure range of 100 – 500 psi and a host of configurations and options, our diesel air compressors are designed for continuous use.

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