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  • Proudly Australian owned and based in the heart of the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia, Compressed Air Hire is a company committed to delivering optimised hire solutions for mobile air compressor units.
  • In an increasingly competitive market, our top quality service, rates and equipment is our point of difference. We understand that time is money, so we have invested in a growing fleet of top of the range equipment and compressed air solutions.
  • We have partnered with Atlas Copco because we believe they are the best in the business. This allows our clients to capitalise from technological advances and product development achieved in over 150 years of operation. It is also why we use them exclusively as the sole supplier for all our compressed air equipment.
  • At Compressed Air Hire, our goal is to supply affordable mobile compressed air solutions to our clients, while retaining the flexibility required to respond to changing customer needs.
  • We have two types of mobile diesel powered units available:

    185cfm Trailer Mounted Compressors

    This reliable unit is built tough to cope with Australian conditions. Featuring a revolutionary polyethylene canopy designed to protect the compressor, this essential piece of equipment is durable enough to stand up to the extreme heat and dust found on every Australian construction or mining site.

    Designed with practicality in mind, this air compressor is extremely robust and has an adjustable height towbar and road lights. Powered by a super reliable 49 HP Kubota engine which is EPA Tier 4 final compliant, it has to be one of the most efficient air compressors on the market.

    400cfm Trailer Mounted Compressors

    Designed to a specification high enough to cope with Australia’s toughest site conditions, our 400cfm range of trailerable compressors offer outstanding reliability and performance. Satisfying the same needs as our 185cfm fleet, the 400cfm offers greater flexibility provided from the larger output and the additional 2” outlet that comes standard on all units.

    This allows larger flow rates for applications that require up to 175l/s. Whether you need a compressor for road building, civil engineering or to drive equipment onsite, the 400cfm is a practical solution.

    Talk to one of the Compressed Air Hire team about our short, medium or long term mobile compressed air hire solutions for your next project.

    Safety Tips for Using an Industrial Air Compressor

    Commercial or industrial air compressors come in a range of size and capacities, ranging from small 6 litre portables to larger truck mounted diesels or stationary models that run on 3 phase electricity.  Whatever the type of air compressor you need to get the job done. Here are some straightforward safety tips we recommend to keep your or your personnel safe.
    • First and foremost, make sure that the personnel using the equipment are adequately trained. They should read and understand the operator’s manual and be familiar with the equipment. They should also be to self-diagnose problems with the equipment, and be trained in what to do in an emergency.
    • Second, and it should go without saying, that when operating an air compressor, it’s essential to use safety equipment, including full length workwear, safety boots, eye protection, hearing protection, gloves and masks. Personal safety is everyone’s responsibility.
    • Thirdly, safety is a priority. Never, ever point the jet nozzle at people or animals or yourself, it’s extremely hazardous and you risk sustaining or causing serious injury. Safety breaches should be taken very seriously. They must always be reported, investigated properly with appropriate action taken.

    Before work starts complete a safety check

    For many professionals, an air compressor is an invaluable tool of the trade. Even though they are build tough, air compressors can be susceptible to changes in moisture, temperature, and position which makes daily checks one of the necessities of life.

    Power supply safety

    If the air compressor is powered by electricity, ensure that it’s plugged into a properly earthed (or grounded) outlet, with a residual current device (RCD) to protect against damage or electrocution.  Improper installation can damage the electrical panel of the compressor and potentially cause a fire. When there is no reliable source of electricity available, a diesel air compressor is the go to solution.  To prolong the life of the engine, remember to keep the fuel tank clean to ensure there’s no residual build up.

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    Proudly Australian owned and operated and based in the heart of the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, Western Australia, Compressed Air Hire is a company committed to delivering optimised hire solutions for mobile air compressor units. Talk to one of the experienced Compressed Air Hire team about our short, medium or long-term mobile compressed air hire solutions for your project.

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